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Joe Clark is a Certified Ghost Hunter and the Founder of Commonwealth Paranormal.

He has been investigating the paranormal for several years, both as an freelance investigator as well as a leader of paranormal groups. He has investigated some of the most haunted and most prestigious places as well as numerous residences in the Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, and West Virginia areas. He has also worked with the Paranormal Research Society (Paranormal State) and on nationally known paranormal cases.

Prior to Commonwealth Paranormal, Joe was the Co-Founder of the Appalachian Paranormal Research Society. He then moved on to serve on the management team of an area TAPS family Group, the Kentucky Shadow Chasers. He also served as the Public Relations Manager / Media Consultant for the Kentucky Shadow Chasers.

Joe has been featured in American Profile Magazine, in countless newspapers, on numerous radio shows, WKRC TV 12 Newscast, WLEX Channel 18 newscast,  in the television special "Haunted Van Lear", and has filmed for A & E Television.

Even though he had been investigating for years and had a successful career as an investigator, Joe was still seeking knowledge. So in 2009 Joe decided to attend a Ghost Hunter  Certification class. And after attending hours of classroom instruction,  hands on training , and successfully passing an examination, Joe was awarded the title of "Certified Ghost Hunter" by Ghost Chasers International.

Joe has been nominated for numerous paranormal awards, including  "Best National Paranormal Investigator."  And his group, Commonwealth Paranormal was nominated for "Best National Paranormal Group." In September 2009, Joe was named one of the top 20 Paranormal Investigators in the world by the Para-X Network ! In 2012, Joe was voted one of the Top 5 Male Paranormal Investigators in the world.

Joe is the author of "The Life & Times of a Paranormal Investigator" and "It Will Be Back: The Dangers of Paranormal Investigating", both available in our store section.

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